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Welcome to the Cooking With Maddie Newsletter— a weekly cooking newsletter that celebrates the joyful side of cooking. Today, cooking is often connected to rules, stress and perfection. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s bullshit.

Cooking is about freedom, creativity and progress. Not everything will be perfect, and that’s okay! Perfect is boring.

In this newsletter, I’ll share recipes we’re cooking each week as well as tips and tricks, grocery lists and inspiration so that hopefully you’ll start to see cooking as more joyful, less stressful.

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Curious to know a bit more about me?

I am not professionally trained. I did not go to culinary school. Hell, I’ve never even worked in a restaurant.

Everything I know about cooking has either been absorbed by observation or learned by doing. I’m lucky in the fact that I was raised around amazing home cooks. It wasn’t until college when I realized homemade red velvet cakes or a big bowl of split pea soup wasn’t the norm. I started seeing a fear of cooking in others that I never understood. Because I had been raised by home cooks, I knew mistakes came with the territory. But to others, I noticed this fear was holding them back from ever picking up a knife.

Fast forward to today. Cooking has become not only a way to feed myself (necessary), but a creative outlet. It’s the most powerful form of self-care. The way I like to cook is with few rules and lots of music and wine. It’s a joyful experience— because we all need a little bit more joy in our lives anyway.

I’ll never be the one to tell you this is exactly how you need to do it because that’s not my style. My hope is to inspire you to start incorporating more joy into your own cooking.